Kingpont "film": Innovation Is More Than Accumulation

Mar 22, 2023

Written on April 1, 2020 issued by: Xiangshan County Economic and Information Bureau

Mixing drying, extrusion, casting, sheet casting, double drawing... Entered the modern workshop of Ningbo KingPont New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and a systematic and complete production line came into view. At the end of the assembly line, rolls of exquisite solar backplane films are coming off the line.
"At present, orders are saturated. Since the Spring Festival, the two BOPET production lines have been producing at full capacity, and 150 tons of finished products are delivered every day. It is expected that the output will reach 46,000 tons this year and the output value will exceed 500 million RMB." Liu Qinxue, general manager of the company, revealed that although some returning employees failed to arrive in time a while ago, the enterprise organized management personnel to take the post in the workshop, The whole production plan was not affected by the epidemic.
Ningbo KingPont focuses on biaxially stretched polyester film, which is reprocessed from petroleum derivatives and is mainly used in the fields of photovoltaic and optical display. "Photovoltaic panels have been exposed to the sun and rain for many years, so it is necessary to put on a 'raincoat' (back plate base film) with hydrolysis resistance, ultraviolet resistance and low water permeability, so as to ensure the photoelectric conversion rate under adverse conditions." Liu Qinxue introduced that Suzhou Zhonglai, Hangzhou Foster, Jiangxi Mingguan and Suzhou Saiwu are the main manufacturers of photovoltaic back plates in China, Ningbo KingPont provides 40,000 tons of backplane base film for these companies every year.
It is understood that the backplane base membrane generally requires a 24-hour water permeability of less than 2.2g per square meter, while the product of Ningbo Qinbang is 1.7g. Its hydrolysis resistance time, UV resistance and yellowing index are also higher than the market average level.
Thanks to the support of Nanchang Aviation University, Beijing Institute of mechanical industry automation and other partners, Ningbo KingPont is determined to forge ahead and make breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation. In the first year after the company settled in Xiangshan in 2014, it invested 120 million RMB to set up a new production line, creating an industry "myth" that has been put into operation for 14 months. Today, Ningbo KingPont has two world-class production lines in Xiangshan and one R & D center in Changzhou.
The light transmittance of the diffusion base film exceeds 90%, the haze of the brightening base film is close to 2%, and the reflectivity of the reflective film is greater than 98%. In recent years, Ningbo Qinbang has strengthened the R & D and production of the base film in the field of optical display, and the products have been adopted by domestic first-class functional film enterprises such as EXCITON technology.
Focusing on the strategic goal of "being the best functional polyester film supplier in China", Ningbo Qinbang, who does not worry about orders, is practicing "internal skills" and organizing personnel to work overtime for equipment commissioning, so as to further "upgrade" the automatic production line.
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