Kingpont: Five Years Of Evolution, Accounting For 20% Of The Photovoltaic Base Film Market [looking For The Most Valuable Enterprise In Ningbo]

Mar 22, 2023

The 2019 "looking for the most investment value enterprise in Ningbo" activity jointly sponsored by Ningbo equity trading center, Ningbo equity investment and venture capital industry association, Ningbo daily newspaper group, Ningbo Radio and television group and other units is the most influential annual classic activity in Ningbo capital market. The activity was supported by major government departments in Ningbo and top domestic investment institutions. Since its launch in March, the event has attracted more than 400 enterprises in Ningbo to sign up for participation.
At present, the "search" activity has selected the top 30 enterprises in and out of the list. From today on, at the request of the organizing committee, Xiaozhi will successively publish the stories of entrepreneurship and development of enterprises entering the top 30, showing the new forces of entrepreneurship and innovation in Ningbo. Welcome all friends to leave messages. This is the third part of this series. Let's take a look at the new force emerging in Ningbo optical film industry - Ningbo KingPont New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has occupied 20% of the domestic photovoltaic backplane base film market in only five years, and has run out of acceleration——

If you pull the lens close enough, you will see a colorful "film world" inside the mobile phone: films with different functions "command" the diffusion, reflection and brightening of light Diffusion film, reflection film, brightening film... These functional films have better performance, and the key lies in the better base film for manufacturing them. Just like people, we should provide good nutrition for growth from infancy.
In Chengnan hi-tech Innovation Park of Xiangshan Economic Development Zone, Ningbo KingPont New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is like a "nutritionist", trying every means to provide high-performance base membrane for functional membrane manufacturers.
Ningbo KingPont focuses on biaxially stretched polyester film, which is reprocessed from petroleum derivatives and is mainly used in the fields of photovoltaic and optical display.
Photovoltaic panels are exposed to the sun and rain for years, so it is necessary to put on a "raincoat" with hydrolysis resistance, ultraviolet resistance and low water permeability, so as to ensure the photoelectric conversion rate under adverse conditions. Of course, Ningbo KingPont does not produce raincoats. It mainly provides raw materials for raincoat manufacturers.

At present, Suzhou Zhonglai, Hangzhou Foster, Jiangxi Mingguan and Suzhou Saiwu are the main manufacturers of photovoltaic backplane in China. Ningbo KingPont provides 40000 tons of backplane base film for these companies every year.
"At present, the output of domestic backplane base membrane is about 200,000 tons, and we account for nearly one fifth." Liu Qin, general manager of Ningbo KingPont, said that the water permeability of backplane base membrane generally requires 2.2g per square meter within 24 hours, and their products can reach 1.7g. The hydrolysis resistance time, UV resistance and yellowing index are also higher than the market average level.
Mixing drying, extrusion, casting, casting, double drawing... In the modern workshop of Ningbo KingPont a systematic and complete production line is displayed in front of us.
Ningbo KingPont is willing to invest in technology. In the first year of its settlement in Xiangshan in 2014, it invested 120 million RMB to launch a new production line, creating an industry "myth" that has been put into operation for 14 months.
Today, Ningbo KingPont has two world-class production lines in Xiangshan and one R & D center in Changzhou. "This industry is a capital and technology intensive industry. Without increasing investment in scientific research, there must be no output." Liu Qinxue(the person in charge of Kingpont) said that it is precisely because technology closely follows the trend that the company achieved an output value of 130 million RMB in the first year of operation, and is expected to reach 600 million RMB this year.
The light transmittance of the diffusion base film exceeds 90%, the haze of the brightening base film is close to 2%, and the reflectivity of the reflective film is greater than 98%. In recent years, Ningbo KingPont has strengthened the R & D and production of the base film in the field of optical display, and the products have been adopted by domestic first-class functional film enterprises such as EXCITON technology.
The company's development goal is very clear: "the main battle field in the future must be chips. In the face of the era of" gray innovation "," The thing has one way to solve only, that is, scientific and technological innovation." the two production lines to be invested by the company are to develop and produce optical base films for chips. "Liu Qinxue said with confidence.

Heaven rewards diligence, hard work rejuvenates the country. In 2004, Liu Qinxue gathered a group of like-minded entrepreneurs with enthusiasm, honesty and dedication to establish Jiangsu Yuxing Co., Ltd. and was successfully listed in the entrepreneurship edition of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012.
In 2014, Zhu Xiaojun, an equipment expert, Duan min, an R & D expert and other brothers who once started a business in Jiangsu Yuxing Co., Ltd. gathered again to write a new growth story in Ningbo, a highland of new material industry and a paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship.
With tens of thousands of square meters of workshops, neat and uniform buildings and advanced and complete machines, as a high-tech enterprise "being the best functional polyester film supplier in China", it has strong technological innovation and new product R & D ability, and pursues to replace foreign products in the high-end BOPET segment market.
To this end, Ningbo KingPont is locking in its goal, strengthening innovation and accelerating its running with all its strength.
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