About 500um polyester film introduction

About 500um polyester film introduction

The 500um polyester film is an extremely strong and reliable material designed for applications requiring maximum strength and resilience. At 500 micrometers thick, this polyester film offers exceptional toughness and resistance against tears, punctures, and physical stress. 500um polyester film provides a reliable barrier and long-term performance even in harsh environments, making it popularly used across industries such as packaging, construction, automotive and electronics industries, where superior strength and durability are crucial. With its ability to withstand extreme conditions and excellent dimensional stability, 500um polyester film is an excellent solution for heavy-duty applications that demand reliable protection and resilience. Discover its versatility and capabilities for your specific requirements and witness its amazing performance!

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Technological Innovation

Dr. Duan Min has built up a professional R&D team within his company, established an engineering technology R&D center, and developed close technical cooperation with domestic well-known research institutes. Over time, many technologies and products created by Dr. Duan Min have reached leading levels within their respective industries with numerous patents for technology or invention being granted along with fully independent intellectual property rights.

Quality Management

The company has formulated the quality policy of "based on innovation, scientific development; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction", and strictly implements the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to continuously ensure and improve product quality, continuously meet customer expectations and needs, and strive to make every Customers are satisfied.

High Standard Workshop

The company has two production plants equipped with high-standard purification workshops and customized production facilities, creating a complete upstream and downstream supply chain.

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Kingpont was established in 2014 and located in Chengnan High-tech Innovation Park, Economic Development Zone, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City. It covers an area of about 100 acres which is a high-tech industry of functional membrane new materials in a strategic emerging industry. We focus on solar back base film, optical base film membrane special function and high added value products research, production and sales. A team engaged in BOPET research, production and management for many years, with strong technical innovation and new product development capabilities. Kingpont also absorb advanced equipment and technology, won the trust and praise of the majority of customers with excellent quality and service. We seek to replace imported products in high-ended BOPET segment market. Kingpont also has 13 patents, including 5 inventions and 8 utility models.

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Durable packaging solution: 500um polyester film

500um polyester film is an extremely reliable packaging solution used across various industries. Thanks to its exceptional strength and resilience, 500um polyester film can withstand crushing, friction and impact when being packaged, while its barrier properties help prevent moisture, oxygen or odors from penetrating into its packaging and shorten its shelf life. Furthermore, due to its soft nature it adapts well to packaging requirements of different shapes and sizes providing enterprises with flexible packaging solutions.

High Quality printing of 500um polyester film

500um polyester film offers high-quality printing for graphic arts applications. With its smooth surface and even thickness distribution, 500um polyester film ensures accurate detail definition when printing posters, billboards or signs with rich vivid colors that stand out. In addition, its durability and anti-abrasion properties guarantee long-lasting visual effects and visual effect for posters, billboards and signs created using 500um polyester film.

Multifunctional electrical insulation material: 500um polyester film

500um polyester film is widely utilized for electrical insulation applications. With its superior strength and heat resistance, it makes an ideal material to protect and insulate electrical wiring, electronic components and batteries from current leakage or short circuiting, providing safe and reliable electrical isolation. Furthermore, its chemical resistance ensures it can keep stable dimensions even under harsh operating environments - thus making 500um polyester film one of the primary choices among electrical engineering practitioners to protect and insulate electrical equipment.

Weatherproof protective layer: 500um polyester film

500um polyester film provides an excellent weather-resistant protective layer for applications that need long-term resistance to the effects of the natural environment. Polyester has excellent UV resistance that can effectively prevent color fading and material aging caused by ultraviolet radiation; in addition, it features exceptional chemical corrosion resistance against acids, bases, solvents and some chemicals - providing reliable weather protection even under harsh weather conditions. From billboards, signs and decoration materials to outdoor billboards or signs for billboards this durable film delivers superior weather protection.

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The 500um polyester film offers maximum strength and durability, providing excellent resistance to tearing, punctures, and physical stress. It ensures reliable protection and long-lasting performance in demanding applications.

Yes, 500um polyester film has excellent thermal stability and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, both high and low. It maintains its strength and properties even in extreme temperature conditions.

Absolutely, 500um polyester film is designed to withstand outdoor environments. It has excellent resistance to UV radiation, moisture, and weathering, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications that require durability and protection.

Despite its thickness, 500um polyester film can be easily processed, cut, and shaped to meet specific application requirements. It offers versatility in manufacturing processes and can be customized to fit various needs.

500um polyester film finds applications in various industries, including packaging, construction, automotive, electronics, and more. Its exceptional strength and durability make it suitable for heavy-duty applications that require reliable protection and resilience.

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