About polyester film for mobile phone glass bottom plate introduction

About polyester film for mobile phone glass bottom plate introduction

Polyester film has become an indispensable component in the creation of mobile phone glass bottom plates, offering many advantages due to its superior properties and application in this field. Polyester film's high transparency and clarity enable optimal light transmission, providing users with vivid visuals on their mobile device screens. Furthermore, its remarkable durability and scratch resistance provide protection from daily wear-and-tear. Polyester film's flexibility and thinness make it an excellent material to create lightweight yet sleek mobile phone designs, while its thermal stability enables glass bottom plate production that withstands temperature variations without compromise to its structural integrity. Polyester film proves its worth in producing mobile phone glass bottom plates - contributing to improved user experiences as well as device longevity.

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Technological Innovation

Dr. Duan Min has built up a professional R&D team within his company, established an engineering technology R&D center, and developed close technical cooperation with domestic well-known research institutes. Over time, many technologies and products created by Dr. Duan Min have reached leading levels within their respective industries with numerous patents for technology or invention being granted along with fully independent intellectual property rights.

Quality Management

The company has formulated the quality policy of "based on innovation, scientific development; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction", and strictly implements the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to continuously ensure and improve product quality, continuously meet customer expectations and needs, and strive to make every Customers are satisfied.

High Standard Workshop

The company has two production plants equipped with high-standard purification workshops and customized production facilities, creating a complete upstream and downstream supply chain.

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Kingpont was established in 2014 and located in Chengnan High-tech Innovation Park, Economic Development Zone, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City. It covers an area of about 100 acres which is a high-tech industry of functional membrane new materials in a strategic emerging industry. We focus on solar back base film, optical base film membrane special function and high added value products research, production and sales. A team engaged in BOPET research, production and management for many years, with strong technical innovation and new product development capabilities. Kingpont also absorb advanced equipment and technology, won the trust and praise of the majority of customers with excellent quality and service. We seek to replace imported products in high-ended BOPET segment market. Kingpont also has 13 patents, including 5 inventions and 8 utility models.

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Polyester Film has excellent abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, which can effectively protect the glass bottom plate of the mobile phone from scratches and damage in daily use.

Won't. Polyester Film has high transparency and clarity, which ensures that the mobile phone screen can transmit the best light and provide clear and vivid visual effects.

Polyester Film is very thin and flexible, and can be used to manufacture light and stylish mobile phone designs, making mobile phones thinner, lighter and more portable.

Yes. Polyester Film has excellent thermal stability and can resist temperature changes, ensuring that the glass bottom plate of the mobile phone maintains structural integrity in different environments.

The premium properties of Polyester Film protect phone screens from scratches and damage, extending the life of your device. At the same time, its high transparency and thin and light design provide a better visual experience, enabling users to enjoy a clearer and lighter mobile phone experience.

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