Chemically Coated Polyester Films for Protection and Versatility Applications
01 Jan

Chemically Coated Polyester Films for Protection and Versatility Applications

Chemically coated polyester film is an attractive material used widely across different industries due to its unique properties. Chemically coating provides outstanding protection properties and multi-functional applications, offering all-round product protection with added value effects for products.

Chemically coated polyester films boast superior moisture, oxidation and barrier properties that protect products against moisture intrusion from moisture or oxygen; effectively extending shelf life of any packaged item such as food, pharmaceuticals or electronics. Chemically coated polyester films ensure reliable product quality and safety assurances when packaging foods such as pharmaceuticals or electronic products.

Super Wear Resistance: Chemically coated polyester film has been specially treated for superior abrasion resistance. This makes it suitable for packaging high-quality products that provide long-term protection.

Chemically-coated polyester films boast superior transparency and printing properties, providing product presentations with maximum impact. Furthermore, its smooth surface facilitates high-quality printing processes resulting in packaging that looks more attractive - perfect for graphics, text or logos printed directly onto chemically coated polyester films - helping boost brand image and market competitiveness.

Chemically coated polyester film boasts various additional functions, such as UV protection, anti-static properties and fog prevention properties that make it widely applicable in electronics, solar panels, building materials and more. Furthermore, heat resistant packaging materials in high temperature environments and fireproof materials in extreme circumstances are all made possible thanks to its chemical coating process.